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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Nashik Pincode / Post Office Search (NASHIK, Maharashtra)

Adgaon B.O 422003NashikMaharashtra
Ambad A.S. S.O 422010NashikMaharashtra
Ambad Khurd B.O 422010NashikMaharashtra
Amlon B.O 422203NashikMaharashtra
Anjneri B.O 422213NashikMaharashtra
Ashewadi B.O 422003NashikMaharashtra
Belatgavhan B.O 422401NashikMaharashtra
Bhagur S.O 422502NashikMaharashtra
Boy's Town B.O 422007NashikMaharashtra
Budhwar Peth S.O 422001NashikMaharashtra
Devargaon B.O 422203NashikMaharashtra
Devlali Bazar S.O 422401NashikMaharashtra
Devlali S.O 422401NashikMaharashtra
Dondegaon B.O 422203NashikMaharashtra
Dugaon B.O 422203NashikMaharashtra
Dwarka Corner S.O 422011NashikMaharashtra
Gandhi-upnagar B.O 422006NashikMaharashtra
Gangamhalungi B.O 422203NashikMaharashtra
Gangapur B.O 422222NashikMaharashtra
Ghoti S.O 422402NashikMaharashtra
Girnara S.O 422203NashikMaharashtra
Gole Colony S.O 422002NashikMaharashtra
H P T College S.O 422005NashikMaharashtra
Idgaon Devlali S.O 422101NashikMaharashtra
Jakhori B.O 422102NashikMaharashtra
Jalkhed B.O 422007NashikMaharashtra
Jategaon BK B.O 422203NashikMaharashtra
Jaulke B.O 422206NashikMaharashtra
Jeevan Prakash S.O 422002NashikMaharashtra
Kalaram Mandir S.O 422003NashikMaharashtra
Kochargaon B.O 422203NashikMaharashtra
Kotamgaon B.O 422105NashikMaharashtra
Kulwandi B.O 422203NashikMaharashtra
Lahavit B.O 422502NashikMaharashtra
Lakhalgaon B.O 422003NashikMaharashtra
Madsangvi B.O 422003NashikMaharashtra
Mahiravani B.O 422213NashikMaharashtra
Makhmalabad B.O 422003NashikMaharashtra
Meri Colony S.O 422004NashikMaharashtra
Mhasrul B.O 422004NashikMaharashtra
MUHS S.O 422004NashikMaharashtra
Nanegaon B.O 422502NashikMaharashtra
Nashik City S.O 422001NashikMaharashtra
Nashik H.O 422001NashikMaharashtra
Nashik Road H.O 422101NashikMaharashtra
Odha B.O 422003NashikMaharashtra
Palse B.O 422102NashikMaharashtra
Panchvati S.O 422003NashikMaharashtra
Pathardi B.O 422010NashikMaharashtra
Pimplad B.O 422010NashikMaharashtra
Sawarkar Nagar S.O 422013NashikMaharashtra
Shinde B.O 422102NashikMaharashtra
Thangaon B.O 422007NashikMaharashtra
Trimurti Chowk S.O 422008NashikMaharashtra
Umrala B.O 422003NashikMaharashtra
Upnagar S.O 422006NashikMaharashtra
Vadner Dumala B.O 422401NashikMaharashtra
Vilholi B.O 422010NashikMaharashtra
Wadala B.O 422006NashikMaharashtra
Wadgaon B.O 422203NashikMaharashtra
Waghdad Dam B.O 422003NashikMaharashtra